Products Embedded Computing Embedded System Board 3.5" ESB PECX-2730VL


Intel® LV Pentium® M or ULV Celeron® M processor based Intel® ECX SBC with DDR2 SDRAM, VGA/Panel and Fast Ethernet


  • Intel® new initiative of compact 3.5" ECX form factor to fit in most wide range of system architecture
  • Intel® low power chipset 915GM powered by low voltage Pentium® M with frequencies of up to 1.4 GHz with 2M L2 cache; optional fan-less ultra low power model with ULV Celeron® M 1.0GHz
  • Dual display via CRT and LVDS interface or display interface that transformed by reserved SDVO part
  • One PMIO expansion connector (with PCI, PCI Express x1, I2C, LPC, AC'97, USB and SDVO interfaces) for versatile application

3.5" ECX base on Intel® LV Pentium® M 1.4GHz processor with DDR2 SDRAM, VGA/Panel and LAN

3.5" ECX based on Intel® ULV Celeron® M 1.0GHz processor with DDR2 SDRAM, VGA/Panel and LAN

PB-C1S4G Multi I/O Expansion Board with Four Serial RS-232/422/485 Selectable Ports
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PB-C1S4G Multi I/O Expansion Board with Mini-PCI socket, Audio and Dual USB Ports
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