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4/8/16 Channel Digital Video Capture Card

  • 10-bit video sampling, video chip CX23881
  • Supports 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels video inputs total 120fps, 4 channels stereo Audio in (3 channels is optional)
  • Supports multiple resolution likes 720 x 480(576),720 x 240(288),640 x 480,640 x 240,320 x240, and 320 x 120
  • Supports 33 and 66MHZ system board which double the PCI bandwidth
  • Provides customer a unique encryption code to protect their software IP copyright
  • Supports Watchdog timer
  • Low-profile size 167 x 55 mm

4/8/16 Channel Digital Video Capture Card in Standard PCI Bracket

4/8/16 Channel Digital Video Capture Card in Low-Profile PCI Bracket

4 Channel Cable (Optional)

16 Channel Cable (Optional)

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